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Jump into the music!

You can find your favorite, most played and latest tracks directly on MyMusicbox's start view called the Home view. You will also find your recent searches and all your playlists there. Just double-click a track to enjoy it!

Local Files, YouTube, Spotify

Play and mix local files, YouTube and Spotify. Start with an MP3 file, switch over to a track on Spotify and continue with a YouTube video. The best source is choosen automatically for you. You just create your playlist and relax!

YouTube video!

Thank God for YouTube!

With MyMusicBox, you don't even have to leave your favorite music player to watch your music videos. They can be seen directly in the player!

You can control YouTube from any application using global hotkeys!

Play one and find more!

Play a track and wonder what to play next?

Watch the lists at the bottom of the screen where you can find more tracks by the artist or the other tracks in the album. You can also find related tracks and see which playlists the track is in.

Do you want to see the music video? Just click On YouTube and see if it's there!


Lyrics one click away!

What did they say? It's not always easy to hear the correct words. In MyMusicBox, lyrics are always one click away! Click Lyrics and the lyrics are directly fetched from online services. Then you can sing along!

If the lyrics aren't found automatically, just click Search for Lyrics on the web in the Lyrics area. Copy the lyrics and click Paste to save them in the library.

MyMusicBox is a new music player, designed to be simple but powerful. It lets you collect all your music in a personal library. Music is stored in tracks and all tracks have sources. Each song is a track and each method to play the track is a source. A source can be a local file (mp3, wma etc.) or an online streaming service like YouTube and Spotify, with the help of extensions. Since a track can contain both a local source and an external source, you can easily switch between MP3 files, YouTube and Spotify in just a single click. If you don't have a source, MyMusicBox can find sources for you automatically.

MyMusicBox itself does not have support for YouTube or Spotify, but use extensions to access these online services. These extensions are included, but may change in the future. MyMusicBox is NOT a Spotify player or YouTube player, but can be used as one, with the help of extensions.

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